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Ryan Adams: singer/songwriter … writer, painter?!?

September 25, 2009
by Ryan Adams, date unknown. Courtesy Morrison Hotel Gallery.

by Ryan Adams, date unknown. Courtesy Morrison Hotel Gallery.

When is Ryan Adams going to stop being an annoying, petulant painter and writer and get back to being an annoying, petulant musician?

This week the video-game blogging singer not only unveiled a series of canvases as part of his position as “artist in residence” at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in New York, but today he is giving a reading at the New York Public library from his not yet released book, Hello Sunshine.

I personally think he is an incredibly gifted songwriter (yes he is annoying, but Easy Tiger is still one of the most touching albums I’ve ever listened to), and when I’m trying to focus when writing I sometimes listen to his entire anthology, so I don’t doubt he can craft a mean poem or short story. But as a painter? I just don’t know.

According to the Morrison Hotel, Adams “has been quietly developing as a similarly gifted visual artist for years.”

I’m not so sure about that. Other than one pretty cool looking cityscape (above), the rest of the stuff just looks like he slathered as much paint as he could – as fast as he could – onto the canvas using the biggest brush he could find. It reminds me of that website “I am better than your kids.”

Actually, here’s a challenge. Click here and here, then ask yourself, which one comes from a “gifted visual artist”, and which one from a second grade art class? I think I’d rather frame the “Shit-mobile.”

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  1. September 27, 2009 12:02 pm

    What, no fashion line? He needs to step his game up.

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