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“Life is Better” and a big headache

October 6, 2009

Fuck, I’m getting a migraine. The ‘aura’ that my fellow migraine peoples know but can’t describe is hugging my face right now so forgive me if I’m a little more random (impressionistic?) than usual — the mind wanders and does things and then there we are. Also apologies if this thing ends mid-sentence on some Margaret Laurence shit. I guess I should also say sorry for starting this post off like this in general, because it has nothing to do with anything.

Where was I? Right, I was talking about Q-Tip’s new video for “Life is Better” featuring Norah Jones, off last year’s The Renaissance, which is a great album but also old so who knows why he’s still making videos for it but God bless him for it. With all the trend-storying about whether or not rappers age well in light of Jay, Rae, Ghost, KRS and Doom, Q-Tip got ignored and really he’s the best example I can think of — a rapper who sounds his age and sounds really great. Everything about this video should be annoying, there’s horse silhouettes and Tip and Norah join hands and swing around and thankfully they don’t cut back and forth with POV shots. But it works, it’s simple and you might never watch it again but that’s OK, not everything in life has to be so big and holy shit like, or have a trick ending or Rihanna making weird poses, which I admit I always love. It’s loose, it’s warm, and I don’t mean to be going for sexual wordplay here so I’ll stop that. But on that note, Norah is crushable.

Where was I again? I have a headache. Oh, let’s just watch the fucking thing.

(via The Real Frequency)

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