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Grizzly Bear (the band, not the animal) howling in a church

October 9, 2009

This past summer every time the band Grizzly Bear came up in conversation with friends it was accompanied by phrases like “over-rated,” or “not as good as Animal Collective,” or something else to indicate that the only reason we were hearing so much about them was because Pitchfork loves them (not because they’re “actually” any good). Which brings me to a video put together by Pitchfork (who else?) of Grizzly Bear performing live in a church. Something about the setting brings out the beautiful harmony in every song, especially on “I live with you”.  Sure, their single Two Weeks is a bit of a fluff song that sounds like it could be on an episode of Dora the Explorer, but if Grizzly Bear haters can watch this performance and still say they’re crap, then they clearly have no souls (or taste) and are likely listening to Nelly as you read this very sentence (E I, E I, oh oh!).

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