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Twilight, New Moon Soundtrack revealed: perfect makeout CD for that date with a Vampire

October 9, 2009

Not on the New Moon soundtrack , and obviously a bit perturbed

I’m not sure how long they plan to do this, but Amazon is streaming 30 second clips from the New Moon soundtrack  here. I tried getting on to listen earlier today, but so many crazed tweens must have already been huddled around their computers screaming “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” that none of the songs would actually play. But now that I’ve had a chance, here is a track by track first impression, again just based on 30 second clips (which for some tracks, was already too much time).

Death Cab For Cutie, Meet Me On The Equinox     

I think everybody’s heard this song already, and I know I’ve heard it far too many times (twice). And if the song sounds as bad as it does at its full 3:44 running time, it can only sound worse with just a 30 second clip of the lame chorus.

Band Of Skulls, Friends

The Band of Skulls are an awesome band (of skulls), but this song is missing some of the key ingredients that make their other songs great: those punchy, back and forth vocals between guitarist Russell Marsden and bassist Emma Richardson, and the stop and go, hard rocking guitar sections. This sounds more like a standard, three chord alt rock song.

Thom Yorke, Hearing Damage

It was a bit shocking to hear that Thom Yorke wanted to be on the soundtrack to one of the most hyped about, main stream, cheese ball movies of the year, but what’s even more surprising is that his contribution doesn’t sound all that great. In all fairness, it cuts off just when it sounds like it’s about to crescendo into something good, but for the most part it’s a moody, drum heavy talk sing from Yorke that sounds perfectly suited for when Insert Twilight character goes into his/her/its downward spiral of depression/longing/boredom/hunger.

Lykke Li, Possibility

It sounds like it’s time for said character to start to see the light and rise out of his/her/its depression just when this gorgeous, soft piano driven track kicks in, almost with trance like vocals on a rich chorus that sounds like it’s being sung from the inside of a tomb.

The Killers, A White Demon Love Song

For a second it sounds like Brandon Flower’s voice has dropped an octave. This sounds like another slow, brooding, sad song, but pretty, nonetheless. I’m just glad I didn’t hear a drum machine and a rhetorical question that isn’t grammatically correct (“are we human, or are we dancer?”) Actually, this song’s question actually makes sense: “White demon, where did your friends go?”  Poor, poor friendless white demon. *cue tears.

Anya Marina, Satellite Heart

Here’s another song that sounds like it’s perfectly suited for a scene with a lonely character walking down a deserted street, hands in pocket, slight drizzle in the air. Up until this point though, it’s my favourite sounding 30 second clip and it makes me want to go walk down a deserted street all alone in the rain and feel sorry for myself (in a good way).

Muse, I Belong To You

Finally, something up beat and catchy, which is typical Muse, really. This track must fall somewhere in the last half of the movie, where somebody’s problem starts to be resolved (perhaps the werewolf character learns how to do headstands on top of a moving van?). Live, Muse is awesome too, and always put on a great show complete with their own headstands and plenty of keytar. Sounds promising.

Bon Iver & St. Vincent, Rosyln

This is the one I really wanted to hear, because if you want a truly sad, introspective song full of emotion, who better but Bon Iver, with his scraggly beard, broken heart and perfectly falsetto voice? St. Vincet, his female equivalent, makes for the perfect pairing.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Done All Wrong

Black Rebel Motorcycle club used to be awesome until they came out with Baby 81, which was a totally different sound for them and was sort of like when Ben Harper went from singing about burning one down or lamenting lonely days, to singing pop garbage tracks about stealing kisses and using a human beat box (AKA he sucked). But just like how Harper got back on track, this song also sounds like a return to classic Black Rebel: crackling voice, sparse guitar and a distant drum beat.

Hurricane Bells, Monsters

This song sounds like it would fit perfectly into that scene where the heroine and either a vampire or werewolf love interest go on a shopping spree at the GAP, then go home and watch the OC.

Sea Wolf, The Violet Hour

Perfect alt country track, with hints of Ryan Adams and Tom Petty (random, I know, but good). The beat is up tempo but the vocals are depressing, which is just how it should be.  

Ok Go, Shooting the Moon

Wait, shooting the moon?  That’s the best line they could come up with for this? What is this, a Cheech and Chong soundtrack?

Grizzly Bear with Victoria Legrand, Slow Life

More of exactly what I like from Grizzly Bear: heavy, complex instruments and beach boy/choir boy harmonising.

Editors, No Sound but The Wind

I don’t know if it’s just the wind reference, but I’m getting a bit of Elton John “candle in the wind” here. Maybe it’s the fact that lead singer, Tom Smith, sort of sounds like Elton, and the piano is the dominant instrument. Or maybe it’s just the fact that it sounds like a sappy song and that was 30 seconds of my life I’m never getting back?

Alexandre Desplat, New Moon [The Meadow]

This is actually just a classical piano piece – a very nice, classical piano piece, mind you. It’s sort of reminiscent of Beethoven’s “moonlight sonata”, but definitely the odd one out on this otherwise sombre, indie-laden soundtrack.

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  1. Simon permalink*
    October 12, 2009 1:24 am

    Between this and the upcoming “Where the While Things Are” soundtrack, movies seem to be replacing high-school serialized television as the medium for indie bands to break into the mainstream.

    Probably another major sign of “indie/hipster” being appropriated completely as the next generic label (i.e. emo, goth, alternative).

  2. October 16, 2009 12:53 am

    Ha great post. Really, “White demon, where did your friends go?” is an amazing line.

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