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Show and Tell: Midnight Juggernauts

October 18, 2009


Justice at one point described Midnight Juggernauts as their “new favourite band”.

That endorsement from their former touring-mates, along with sensational single Shadows, were enough to catapult the Juggernauts into the highest echelons of the blogosphere a couple years ago. Since then, the genre of music for white people who like to dance has continued to explode, despite Pitchfork’s less than glowing review of the band’s 2007 debut album.

Still, the Melbourne duo (who are basically Cutcopy’s brother from a different mother) are back with a vengeance, recently releasing the video to the lead single off their upcoming sophomore LP, This New Technology.

One of the drug-trippiest clips I’ve seen in years, This New Technology (a titular track) shows some musical maturity from the Juggernauts by, ironically, harkening back to 80’s acts like Electric Light Orchestra and an incredibly catchy organ/guitar back-and-forth throughout the verses.

Lead singer Vincent Vendetta (for real) also seems much more confident on Technology, perhaps emboldened by the litre of LSD he must have done before recording it and storyboarding the song’s kaleidoscope video. Watch after the jump.

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