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Google owns my life

October 21, 2009

There is no escaping Google.

More details leaked today on Google’s upcoming music service, which which will allow streaming and purchasing of results from any music search performed on Google. The internet giant is reportedly in negotiations with the big-four major record labels for content rights and has already announced its partnership with LaLa, MySpace and ILike for streaming options. The formal announcement is expected to come a week form now in Mountain View.

How many people pop on their computers and have iGoogle pages pop up, leading them to check Gmail for invitations to parties, which they arrive at thanks to directions from Google Maps, bearing gifts they bought after doing consumer research on Google, conversing about topics they saw on Google Reader, after which they take pictures and post them to Picassa and videos destined for YouTube?

Throw in the super creepy Google Books which Sergey Brin defended in a hollow NYT op-ed last week, and the flow of information all goes through the same primary coloured pipes. This isn’t a new or groundbreaking realization. I am simply continually amazed at what an ideal capitalistic venture Google is constantly evolving to be — providing the absolute best services and products by-and-large for free — making money off transaction facilitation to the point where they become more ubiquitous than the transactions themselves.

Remember when Gmail crashed a few weeks ago? The world spun to a halt. Have you ever had not work for a bit? You feel like you’re incapable of knowing anything — absolutely crippled.

Throw music in the mix, make all of this technology even more prevalent via mobile technology, add all the information housed in the clouds on GoogleDocs, Google Scholar, all those random services they’re throwing money at and now, the inevitable evolution of Google Wave into a next gen internet phenomenon; you have easily a company to rival any of the historic titans of American industry.

This is like saying you got to watch Michael Jordan in his prime. Except… it crept up on us so slowly we don’t stop in awe anymore when we Google “Kanye West”.

Fittingly, Google is down for me now, so I can’t even image search to find a picture for this post. Well fuck.

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  1. October 23, 2009 12:02 am

    LOL this post looks so lonely without a pic.

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