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Show and tell: Times New Viking

October 25, 2009

Full disclaimer: I think “Times New Viking” is literally the greatest band name ever. I am so enamoured and amused by it that I was partial to the forthcoming album of the Columbus, Ohio natives before having even heard it. “With a name so awesome, everything they put out must be good!”

Times New Viking pen amazing indie-rock gems and have a preternatural gift for melody. The trio then performs and records these songs on equipment worth a combined total of, I would estimate, $40 and three food stamps. Purposely pursuing a sound between lo-fi and lo-budget, the product is a harmonious cross between the cheer of Los Campesinos, the grit of White Stripes and the sound of cheap computer speakers trying to blast Matadorian label-mates Pavement. Somehow, the sum is greater than its parts.

With the idiosyncratic scratch of vinyl ever present in the background, Times New Viking craft delicate pop while toying with the idea (sometimes literally, as the clip below shows) that rock music doesn’t have to come from a $1500 Fender Strat paired with giant Marshal stacks. Despite Jay-Z’s best efforts, these three typography nerds would definitely get my vote as the most anti-autotune act around.

No time, No hope is a track off the band’s new record, Born Again Revisited. If (when) you check this album out, keep in mind this fourth offering is — by far — the band’s most polished and slickly produced sounding record ever. Loooouuuud noiiiiisesss!!!

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  1. October 28, 2009 12:22 pm

    Hey cool. That acoustic video is really dope.

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