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Show and Tell: 50 Cent “Crime Wave”

October 26, 2009

hilton50_2Curtis: From partying with Paris to snapping on suckas

50 Cent is one rapper that always blinks on and off my radar. He’s generally impressed me, consistently churning out both club-friendly and hip-hop-friendly radio hits while still remaining an aggressive, lyrically interesting rapper, and managing to rustle up a Hollywood persona. Curtis’ new video for “Crime Wave” is a crazy bridging of these two worlds.

In it, 50–graduated from beaters and baggy jeans, on to grown man driving hats and leather jackets–drives around the various boroughs and neighbourhoods of New York City (in a dope, peacock blue ride) on a literal fucking-shit-up-spree. The video is more like a short film, with Universal film credits and action-movie-esque credits rolling prior to scenes of the rapper popping people off around town. “Crime Wave” could function as 50’s figurative return to the streets without the actual danger of playing out the reality-a smart move for a rapper who, you could say, built his success off a reputation for gang-banging.

Check the video out after the jump. Warning: some parts are kind of violent, so don’t say I didn’t tell you. But if you can handle watching gratuitous beatdowns, it’s worth it. May not be the best kind of hip-hop, but it’s classic, textbook, 50: shock value, a monster loop and menacing raps.

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  1. Simon permalink*
    October 26, 2009 9:36 pm

    The special fx when he shoots that guy with a shotgun are incredibly hilarious. How can you be badass after that? It’s like expecting us to take Adam West seriously after he hits somebody and the screen goes “KAPOW!”

  2. Anupa permalink*
    October 27, 2009 12:45 pm

    Hey, if low-budget Hollywood can do it, so can 50.

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