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All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again

November 7, 2009

Disclaimer: meta rant coming ahead.

I felt compelled to jot down some thoughts after reading this interesting take on the blogging landscape.

Basically, I have concluded that being on a blog is totally the new being in a band. The comparisons are, I think, more than apt.

You have to find people with relatively similar interests to form a cohesive unit. Your group grows dynamically and organically, defined not just by individual personalities but by those idiosyncrasies feeding each other. You toil in obscurity, hammering away every day to perfect your craft for no money, no recognition, no thanks really except your personal satisfaction and perhaps a hope and a dream of things to come. Really though, you’re just having a good time.

You don’t know where any of this is going. You have random high points, like getting a song spotlighted on a website, or your website making the front page of You are constantly vying for attention and recognition from peers and respected media outlets, but not at the expense of compromising the little tenants your group has silently agreed upon to stand for. Sometimes you bother each other, but you eventually hug it out. People split off for solo projects. Some blogs blow up into pop-culture icons.

The most successful blogs are being corporatized, often to a cacophony of “sell out” screams and angry jilted fans who claim devotion to past (read: independent) glory lost. Things are complicated. Things are simple.

With that said, I think I now have to go make some Ashcan t-shirts and stickers.

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  1. Anupa permalink*
    November 12, 2009 10:49 am

    That was a great article. I feel like it’s something I’ll keep coming back to.
    Let’s say that if this blog serves a certain purpose for us four, it’s definitely a side hustle. And I’m not mad at that.

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