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La Roux invented the remix

November 8, 2009

la_roux_quicksand-3jpegLa Roux: bringing ginger kids back into style

One of the bands I’ve followed quite a bit this year is La Roux. You’ve probably heard a lot about lead singer Elly Jackson’s signature copper quiff and how she’s all young and cool and the future of electropop music, but more so than their actual output it’s the La Roux remixes and mash-ups in particular that have captured my interest.

Diplo is a remix master. He fucked with my favourite TV on the Radio song (which, in turn, became one of my favourite remixes) and reworked everything from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to dead prez to Britney Spears. If I wasn’t married to the idea of this post title, I’d rename it “Diplo invented the remix.” Anyway, earlier this year he was the first DJ on my radar to really start bigging up La Roux with this New Wave-y, well-paced remix of Quicksand, the band’s first single, created by his Mad Decent imprint.

Dubstep somehow blew THE EFF UP this year. Producer/DJ Skream (this frighteningly young British dude, who has also reworked the Klaxons and DJ Mujava) is really riding for the viability of the remix as a way to promote lesser known artists, obscure club one-offs and remixers themslves to a broader audience. His manipulation of “In For the Kill” helped both this song, the band and him grab the spotlight. To see another La Roux permutation, check out how dubstep and electropop have reached out to rap with this remix by local artist Hollywood Sines. (Full disclosure: we’re friends,

I’m a mellow chick and so my personal favourite take on La Roux comes from Nacey in the form of the winsome “Bulletproof”. The original album track is loud, jarring and gets gunning from the beginning. Nacey takes this intensity and, without losing it, morphs the song into an equally impassioned, pensive piano jam.

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  1. November 10, 2009 1:03 pm

    You had me at “quiff.”

  2. November 11, 2009 12:20 pm

    Like La Roux, not a huge fan though. But the Last Japan Skream Re-Edit of “In For The Kill” is DOPE. Love dubstep.

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