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Bjork’s Post gets the Stereogum treatment

November 25, 2009

I’m a sucker for Bjork covers almost as much as I am for the Icelandic pixie herself. Don’t tell anyone, but I took pictures in front of her house when I was vacationing in Reykjavic. I know that sounds creepy, but spend a few days there and you’ll realize everyone’s pretty chill — even the stalkers. But I digress.

Stereogum has put together a tribute album for Post, Bjork’s second album and probably what many would consider her break out LP. Featuring a track-by-track cover from artists such as the Dirty Projectors, The High Places, Atlas Sound and more, the results are thoroughly enjoyable and most importantly, free to download.

Granted, I’m not a musician, but I would imagine putting your name on a cover slated for a Bjork tribute album can be rather intimidating. How do you make something seminal because it was so idiosyncratic sound unique in your own way? Daunting task aside, Stereogum assembled some intrepid troubadours who basically went the only two ways covers can go — make it indecipherably different, or just play it bar-for-bar in your own style.

Sometimes these two options are not mutually exclusive (like Xiu Xiu’s caustically breathy Isobel rendition). By and large though I am a fan of the “being yourself” route. My favourite — and probably least wild — track on the album is the version of Possibly Maybe performed as a duet by Final Fantasy (Toronto native Owen Pallet) and Ed Drost of Grizzly Bear.

Pallet and Drost impart a reverential vibe essential to all good covers, plus the male duet brings something special to a quivering melody so associated with Bjork’s distinctive voice.

In general, this is a thoroughly enjoyable project and Stereogum does a great job interviewing all the artists about why they love Bjork, chats with Bjork herself and even includes album liner notes and special cover art.

Worth checking out, and you can download all the mp3’s in a zip file.

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