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True love over the interweb

December 2, 2009

We’ve all heard of the Nigerian email scam, and I’m not exxagerating when I say I receive about one or two a week in my inbox. While I usually just hit delete, I recieved one this morning that can only be classified as the best email scam letter in the brief history of the information super highway. I would be doing a disservice by not sharing it. Italics and brackets mine.

Hello !

So that I can well write you this letter. I looked your questionnaire on a site . To me it is pleasant that you have left to me the e-mail address I hope that you have not forgotten me, my profile on your site. My name Olga, I to consider there you and you have very strongly interested me. But certainly under your questionnaire I cannot understand who you and that from myself represent. But I would like that you knew that you very much have interested me and to me it would be very pleasant if you have told to me about yourself.

It was always interesting to me, what your culture??? That inhabitants of other party of the earth love. It always was the riddle for me (WTF?).

I have started to search for myself the partner in life absolutely recently. I hope that you understand that the person cannot there is constantly one. Certainly the person which near to me will be necessary to me.

If you here also write to me. You mean as is lonely, means to us it is necessary that we were not lonely and were together once in the near future.

Tell to me about itself. If you answer me I will try to tell to you all about yourself, to begin with I will give you a few information on my age of 30 years, and my growth of 170 centimetres and I from Russia.

I hope that to start it will suffice you. We are still absolutely not familiar, but I think that soon all will be corrected also we will know each other very well, I hope that this correspondence will lead us something big than dialogue is simple.

I hope that you will write to me seriously because I search for the serious person for a joint life.

I would like at once you to ask, if it was not pleasant to you that I have written to you then it is not necessary for me to answer or be rude in the letter. As it is not pleasant to me when at me simply photo of the frank maintenance so I ask do not ask from me naked photos. I the normal decent girl and I search only for serious relations, I do not like to play game, gravity is necessary to me only (wow, we have so much in common. I too like gravity).

Please answer only to my personal e-mail:

If you want I will learn is glad to answer you more.

All good greetings from Russia from Olga

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  1. December 4, 2009 1:27 pm

    Mmm. Borsch.

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