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Mickey Rourke is a great Canadian rapper

December 4, 2009

Have you heard Mickey Rourke’s appearance as a rapper of sorts on the credits for the Rogue Warrior video game? Rogue Warrior, for those who didn’t base their reading choices at 14 on a book’s percentage of guns and mayhem like I did, was based on the book by ex-Navy Seal Richard Marcinko, a commie-kicker who was really proficient with his swear words. Stick Rourke spitting a few bars of Marinko’s choicier cuts of cuss over a laid-back loop and boom, instant Internet heat. “Fuckin ninja style,” he raps.

Adding more cred to the joke than the developers at Rebellion Developments likely intended is the fact that Rourke’s ditty sounds like a perfect Buck 65 song. Or is it just me? The gravelly delivery, the seen-too-many-things weariness, the parodic hyper-masculinity and the lazy way he catches the beat? All Buck. Had Rourke wanted to — instead of, you know, winning Oscars and stuff — he could have made a decent career slogging through Canada’s indie scene (especially during that phase when Buck stopped making rap music) and making weeklies music scribes lose their shit.

Hit the jump for a comparison.


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  1. Anupa permalink*
    December 4, 2009 2:59 pm

    That’s a smooth-ass beat! I could hear so many rappers over that (but not Buck 65 cus i’m just not a fan).

    Also if we’re on the topic of geriatric actors making hilarious music check out STEVEN SEAGAL X LADY SAW. He actually says “poonani”: no lies.

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